Coming up on Commodity

For the past few months I have been silent, with the last entry being a re-blog from xorl’s (defunct?) blog. That is quite a long time for a writer’s block, eh? Well, here is some insight: professionally I have somewhat moved away from security to towards a systems engineering paradigm. While security still plays an important part both professionally and on my personal time, it is not the dominant focus. Building systems engineering skills is hard work, especially of focus on the engineering part as opposed to the systems part (e.g. systems administrator and systems engineer should not be interchangeable terms). My plan is to publish reviews of books and other resources that I found helpful during my journey, as well as some original hacks that I have made. I have a strict policy of not posting stuff related to $DAYJOB but I am more than willing to share some nuggets of experience. So stay tuned and say hi to the revitalized Commodity blog!

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