Hacker’s Quest I: So you wanna be a hacker

Hello again dear reader. In this post, my objective is to provide a collection of links (not exhaustive of course) that will provide you with different public open source resources to practice your hacking skills, most likely from the comfort of your home lab. Without further ado, here is the list: Phew, that was a…

The A500-mini firmware dumper is now publicly available

Hello again astute reader. This week I made public the firmware dumper for the A500-mini. You can find it on Github. It was a good Rust writing exercise, an exercise for a language I get to like more and more. Happy dumping! Don’t forget to check Ole’s profile, he is simply awesome.

TheC64-toolkit is now public

Happy new year dear reader! I am happy to announce that my toolkit for the C64 replicas (such as the C64Maxi and the C64Mini) is now live on Github.

SeL4 compilation under Fedora 37 – some notes

Trying to follow the SeL4 compilation and testing instruction “as-is” yields some errors on a per-distribution basis. Below are some notes for Fedora 37 – if you have not performed these steps, you are likely to run into errors (it is assumed that repo/ninja/cmake are already installed 🙂 ) sudo dnf install -y python3-protobuf protobuf-compiler…

Adventures with vagrant-libvirt in Fedora 35 land

Hi all. Recently, I wanted to easily create in a reproducible way some VMs for my security research. My main workstation runs Fedora and I decided NOT to use any 3rd party software such as VMWare or Virtualbox. Here my little adventure starts … I installed Vagrant, using the official way, no hiccups there. After…

HTTP Bypass via Header Injection

Welcome to another edition. A few days ago I was playing a CTF and was faced with an IP restriction on an API. Fortunately, there was a misconfiguration and using an “X-Forwarded-For” header was able to bypass it. Here is a list I have compiled in case some of my readers want to incorporate this…

Fixing Python 3.10 incompatibilities in Binary Ninja

Hello dear reader. Recently, I upgraded my Linux laptop to Fedora 35. Fedora 35 comes with Python 3.10 as the system Python. Unfortunately, as documented in this GitHub issue, (do not forget to upvote!) this causes incompatibilities with Binary Ninja. Here is how I addressed this topic (standard disclaimers apply): Initially, I decided to use…


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