Fixing Python 3.10 incompatibilities in Binary Ninja

Hello dear reader. Recently, I upgraded my Linux laptop to Fedora 35. Fedora 35 comes with Python 3.10 as the system Python. Unfortunately, as documented in this GitHub issue, (do not forget to upvote!) this causes incompatibilities with Binary Ninja. Here is how I addressed this topic (standard disclaimers apply): Initially, I decided to use… Continue reading Fixing Python 3.10 incompatibilities in Binary Ninja

Phrack 70 is out!

After a long wait, indicative of the current state of knowledge sharing in the so-called “underground”, Phrack 70 is out. Read it here!

One flew over the CMS nest

Recently, I was looking for something simple for the more “corporate”-y side of web things. I tried some PHP based CMS. For looks and simplicity I decided to focus on one of the lesser known ones (i.e. not the workhorse that Drupal is). At first, I tried to setup SSL traffic between a managed MySQL… Continue reading One flew over the CMS nest


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