Phrack 70 is out!

After a long wait, indicative of the current state of knowledge sharing in the so-called “underground”, Phrack 70 is out. Read it here!

Adventures with Linux Outline Client and aws-iam-authenticator

Hi all, below is a small engineering puzzle that I had to solve recently. The essential components: a Linux Laptop (in my case, running the excellent ClearLinux distribution) aws-iam-authenticator Outline client (A shadowSocks client) The setup was the following. A Kubernetes cluster, a bastion host using Outline as the means to connect and access the… Continue reading Adventures with Linux Outline Client and aws-iam-authenticator

Hello world! (for the 3rd time)

Hope you enjoyed Commodity, and Cyberpunk as a Commodity before that, plus a number of personal blogs that thankfully are now presumed lost. Welcome back!

Conference review: Distributed Matters Berlin 2015

“Kept you waiting, huh?” – to start the post with a pop culture reference. Yesterday, I was privileged enough to attend Distributed Matters Berlin 2015. The focus of the conference is, you guessed it, distributed systems, often within a NoSQL context. It was hosted at the awesome KulturBrauerei, a refurbished brewery. The format of the… Continue reading Conference review: Distributed Matters Berlin 2015

Book Review: PostgreSQL Replication

So for my series of System Engineering books, I will proceed with a short review of PostgreSQL Replication by Packt. The reason this book came to be a part of my collection is that while there is a lot of information regarding PostgreSQL replication out there, a lot of it is out of date, given… Continue reading Book Review: PostgreSQL Replication